angela of the grimaldi persuasion (staryiedrainbo) wrote in insane_notebook,
angela of the grimaldi persuasion

angela's application

age:: Angela Lorraine
name:: 19
relationship status:: I am officially gay after I found out that 13 year old german boys are molesters.
5 things you hate:: I hate nothing dislike alot, I dislike...
+ britney spears
+ people who try too hard to fit in... anywhere
+ thongs
+ assholes
+ my feet
5 things you like::
+ Rainbow Brite
+ hippies
+ singing
+ writing
+ old hollywood movie stars
3 bands:: I am adding 5 because it has to be all equal I am weird like that
+ Incubus
+ Beck
+ No Doubt
+ Nelly Furtado
5 movies::
+ amalie
+ lolita
+ girl
+ kill bills
+ some like it hot
if you were a 'label'...what would it be?:: boheimian-alterna-flapper hippie (1920's turbo geek)
your mom: good when she doesn't steal money
you school: good when you like your career path
politics: good when you are involved
abortion: good when you don't wait until your 6 months pregnat to do it...cause you're asshole!
music: Music is in the ear of the listener. Its whatever you want it to be. It's an art form. Like all art forms it shouldn't be restricted to any guidelines. Its all genres and all subjects, it shouldn't be used sugar coat anything, but to reveal the truest forms of all things.
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