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Girl Magazine confusion!

How is it that I am a walking contradiction? I guess we all are a little. I like make up, just enough so it keeps me from looking like a freak. I like to go shopping but not for girl stuff unless it necessary. I don't like to go shopping all the time. I am not afraid to say I am girlier than some, and not as high maitenence as most. I enjoy getting Ideas from girl magazines,but there are things I particualarly just can't stand. I hate the fact the girls look a fragile size 0 and the could blow away when a breeze hits. I don't like the fact that these models are lilly white. Or if perhaps they do show any traces of ethinicty they totally make you look whiter than what you are.What are we saying, being white is amazing, being blonde is the "cats Meow". I am both these things and I am in no way stunning. What we aren't allured by the firey red head or entranced by alluring brunette? There's only beauty in our own white bread culture....NO! By putting these images out, we are sending negative images out for posterity. 

There's also the that misconception that less clothing=sexy. I don't find that to be true, the most beautiful people I have seen don't show anything but a smile. Why do we feel the need to emphasize reveal;ing clothing, especially to little girls. Are we looking for 12 year olds to be raped? Sexy I thought was a state of mind. I also wanna know why girl magazines push hideous clothes on you. "you have to wear this to cool"...ummm no!That's dumb. They should at least suggest it.

I also feel like there is no relavance to real world problems. There's more of an emphasis on how to be cute or how to get a guy. Seriously if you have to get a guy by making yourself something that you are not, it's not based on anything real. If you get him today, and 2hours later you gain a pound, will he be there tommorrow? Shouldn't we be talking about the debate on gay marriage, the war in Iraq, the sudan, sweat shops, oppression of religion and freedom. Can we talk about anything but britney's engagement? What about Maria Mena?

  I say these things not because I don't enjoy getting those high dollar tips of how to look like the celebrity I like. I say these things because I wonder about myself. How much have I been brain washed by this forsaken idiom? Are any of us really individuals. I find myself liking things that other people like. Is it because it was in 17 magazine? Was it because because I have admiration for the person wearing it. Or do I genuinely like whatever it may be for me? Am I trying  to be the very force I don't like. I am really confused, I need to analyze another edition of YM.


 I am reading my girl magazine

all the models are so pretty

not one trace of reality

nose jobs at 16 what a  pitty

always giving diet tips to the anorexic

teaching us to look skin deep

we need to look inside ourselves

we need to open our eyes to see

all the girls are so "perfect"

their skin pale no flaw

all a fragile size 0

no sign of ethinicty at all

I am reading my girl magazine

no curves in plain sight

no embracing of independence

only ways to find a man to complete your life

no honoring individuality

rewarded for a stereotype

advertising false perfection

a predictable standard of life

no long term goals

only designer clothes

everyone has $500

to spend on cheaply made coat

I am reading my girl magazine

only one real bearing of the soul

to make you feel theres some depth

to keep their sales on the go

always making me look at myself

in a really negative way

no intellegence is important

not allowed to give introspective say.

I am reading my girl magazine

the words are flashing

in front of my eyes

I am reading my girl magazine

and I don't know why...

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